Private coaching with Kim

1:1 training with Kim to take ownership of your yoga, wellness, and spiritual goals.

We all need a loving push sometimes

Kim approaches coaching with both compassion and intensity. She brings her two decades experience of yoga, wellness, psychology, meditation, and entrepreneurship into every session. She has worked with a variety of students with different needs and backgrounds and is ready to help you navigate the next chapter of you wellness journey.

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"Kim has a real gift. I feel fully supported during our sessions and I always learn something new."


"If you want to create empowerment for yourself while living your best life on and off the mat, Kim is the brand that leads you towards this fulfillment."


"I was going through a really hard time and Kim helped me to find hope again and purpose. I am forever grateful."

Inside a 1:1 coaching session with Kim...

  • Mindset training- Learn specific meditative techniques that will clear your mind and aid in focus and drive.
  • Breath work- Kim will guide you through various pranayama techniques to help you regulate your nervous system.
  • Emotional Reset- Feeling stressed? Kim can work with you on various restorative techniques to balance and stabilize your moods and emotions.
  • Yoga postures- Want to work toward a specific posture or just flow on he mat? Kim can lead you through a private session.
  • Radical Rituals- Receive personalized training that will unleash your highest "yes!" through somatic movement, journaling, and vigorous breath work (this is Kim's signature methodology).
  • Need vision on a project? Work with Kim on various creative visualization and meditative techniques to see the larger picture again.

The Formats  

Below are the most popular ways to work with Kim. Although you can book one single session with Kim, students who commit to either a 2 or 4 week block have the most beneficial experience and the more powerful breakthroughs.

 4 Pack

Work with Kim over four, 55 minute sessions. This is done over Zoom or in-person at Lotus Life Yoga Center (Syracuse, NY). Zoom sessions will be recorded and shared with you afterwards so that you can watch whenever.

Note: 24 hr notice is required to cancel or reschedule. Anything after that time window will not be rescheduled or refunded.

8 Pack  

Work with Kim over eight, 55 minutes. This is done over Zoom or in-person at Lotus Life Yoga Center (Syracuse, NY). Zoom sessions will be recorded and shared with you afterwards so that you can watch whenever.

Note: 24 hr notice is required to cancel or reschedule. Anything after that time window will not be rescheduled or refunded.

But what about in-between our sessions?

Not to worry. Kim also gives you homework assignments to work on in-between our sessions to keep you moving forward.

Homework looks like:

➡️ journaling exercises

➡️ mantra

➡️ communication exercises (with loved ones or friends)

➡️ skill building such as making a vision board or daily radical rituals (filming it and sending it to Kim for accountability)

What are you waiting for?

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Got questions about training with Kim?

Hi, I'm Kim.

I’m a yoga expert and manifesting coach with over two decades experiencing leading students, on and off the mat, toward living their highest “yes!”. I am the CEO of Lotus Life Yoga Center, the creator of The Lotus Life Podcast, and the lead trainer for the Lotus Life Yoga Teacher Training programs.

I first started teaching yoga in 2007. I rented space, subbed for other teachers- anything to gain experience. Finally, I was able to land a solid teaching position at a local studio and eventually was promoted to manager. Fast forward to 2011, I opened up my own studio, Lotus Life Yoga Center. At the peak of the business, I had two locations, 30 employees and a very large student flowing. We offered yoga teacher training programs, retreats to Costa Rica, and workshops on many different topics of interest. It was the gem of the community.

However, around 2011 I started to feel a strong call to finish my undergrad degree and dive back into studenthood. I have always identified as a life-long learner and so I knew better than to ignore my soul and heart’s desires. Sometimes you need to leap and trust the Universe. So, I sold my business’s assets to another local yoga studio who happened to be looking to expand at the same time (talk about great timing!). Although I was excited to pursue education and love risk, this was a very difficult time for me and the community. My identity was completely changing and I was leaving behind something that I loved deeply. Little did I know that fate would have me resurrect something I thought was buried, almost five years later.

In the Fall of 2011, I restarted my quest toward an undergraduate degree and then quickly moved on to my graduate degree in Human Computer Interaction. This eventually led me to working as a User Experience (UX) Designer at a local tech company. I loved my job, the culture, and made great earnings. All the while I never stopped teaching yoga. In fact, I taught a lot of yoga and really started to ramp up my social media presence and emailing campaigns. I also started up an online community, taught remote classes, and offered a few in-person retreats.

Then, in August of 2021, it all came to a head. I was exhausted from basically working two full-time jobs. I knew, deep down, that I wanted to dive back into full-time entrepreneurship. So I did what worked once before in my life- I asked the Universe for help. Literally. I will never forget the moment. I threw my arms into the air, and with full humility and faith, said the following ” Universe, I need help. You know what I want. Give it to me in a way that when I see it, I will know it’s from you. And I promise I will take action.”

That evening, a friend messaged me, wondering if I was aware that my previous location was once again available for lease?

Chills ran up and down my spine and I knew I had received the help I asked for. I made good on my end of the bargain, as I promised. I called my former landlord and ended up securing financing and signing the lease all within 9 days. I quit my amazing job as a UX Designer and Lotus Life was resurrected. It bloomed out of the mud, once again.

This second time around feels different. I’m in 100% alignment and trust with myself and the Universe. I know that I responded to the RSVP from something higher. And so I work, teach, and lead now from an elevated and sacred place.

If there is any big takeaway from my story it is this, trust the tempo of your life because anything is possible at any moment.